The 5 Most Important Things To Do When You Travel

The 5 Most Important Things To Do When You Travel


Decide on where you want to go in advance, things you’d like to do, sights you’d like to see – pretty much everything possible! It takes the pressure of the actual holiday, and you can spend the time enjoying the holiday rather than trying to put together a plan of what to do – which, of course, becomes exponentially more complicated when you’re in a larger group. Everyone has different ideas about what they want to do and in what order. Effectively, get all the non-fun stuff out of the way so you can genuinely focus on having a fantastic time. Before you leave for holiday, you should effectively be able to answer an impromptu pop quiz about your holiday plans.

2.Passport and personal documentation

We all understand that it is better not to set off without basic documents, especially if you have to cross the border.

However, sometimes we pay less attention to the most important things, because we are convinced that we will definitely not forget it. In addition to the passport we have, we must also bring a copy of it, as well as two photographs.

Sometimes it is necessary to have some additional documents for the trip, for example, consent to transport children across the border if the child crosses the border with one parent, so such details should be well requested or a visa. Ask beforehand, don’t let negligence ruin everything.

3.Travel Insurance

It may sound like an optional item that we can get away with somehow, but anyone who travels often knows: never but never travel without this form of security. Whether you are with children or alone, no one can ever guess what can get him on the road. And even when it may be a smaller thing, like cuts, scrubs, it must be disinfected, healed, sewed. Not to mention bigger problems.

The more we change the environment and the climate, the greater the risk that we will need a doctor. Just a single overseas checkup is not a cheap thing, and additional interventions or possible hospital stay can be a serious budget problem.

And many countries will not even allow you to cross borders without insurance unless your two countries have a health co-operation agreement. So don’t push your luck, it’s not expensive, it can save you a lot and you will feel safer.

4.Collapsible Water Bottle

Plastic pollution is huge and one of the main culprits is water bottles. We all use them, many and several pieces a day.

So stop using disposable bottles and get a collapsible water bottle. You will not only protect the environment, but also save money. Much cheaper to buy once than to buy a new one every day. Wash it like you would any dish and use it again.


Depending on which destination we are going to, we must be well prepared.
Sometimes we wonder if we have to pay some additional services, such as accommodation or travel tax. And sometimes it can happen that we don’t remember to take with us exactly what we need every day, so we have to buy something new on the way.

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