The Most Popular Breakfasts in the World

Bocadillo de queso is a Spanish sandwich that consists of Spanish bread and slices of cheese. Due to the simplicity of the sandwich, both the bread and the cheese used for the preparation of this bocadillo variety must be of excellent quality.

The most common choice for bread is a Spanish-style baguette called barra de pan, while the selection of cheese includes various types of cheese such as Manchego cheese, queso fresco (fresh cheese), queso de cabra (goat cheese), Edam cheese, and blue cheese. The bread is usually cut in half lengthwise, and it is often moistened with a drizzle of olive oil or rubbed with ripe tomato halves on the inside. Lettuce or rocket leaves, tomato slices, strips of roasted peppers, and slices of ham are some of the optional ingredients that may be added to the sandwich’s filling for added flavor and a more filling dish. Just like other bocadillo sandwiches, cheese bocadillos can be eaten as a filling snack at any time of the day or as a light meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Khao tom is a variety of rice soup from Thailand that combines rice with a flavor-packed broth of herbs and vegetables. The rice is usually cooked, then added to the broth containing shallots, lemongrass, galangal or ginger, and garlic. The combination is then cooked until the consistency becomes thick. This rice soup is enjoyed hot, typically laced with fish sauce, soy sauce, and lime juice, and often accompanied by small pork balls, shredded chicken, shrimps, fish, or eggs for a more satisfying meal. Chopped coriander, scallions, tofu, chilis, and fried garlic include some of the typical seasonings.

Lemon granita is believed to have been one of the first versions of this frozen Sicilian specialty. Granita al limone is made with lemon juice, water, and sugar, while lemon zest is often used as a flavoring. The combination is frozen and then stirred with a fork to partially break the ice crystals and give granita its distinctive granular texture.

Like other types of granita, this lemony version is often accompanied by a Sicilian brioche (brioscia), and though is it is commonly enjoyed as a refreshing dessert, the Sicilians prefer to enjoy it as a sweet breakfast.

Bulz is a traditional Romanian dish created with cooked polenta that is shaped into balls and filled with a creamy stuffing. Subsequently, polenta balls are grilled, pan-fried, or baked until a crunchy, slightly charred crust forms on the outside.

The most common filling is the combination of butter and soft sheep’s cheese known as brânză de burduf. Chunks of bacon or ham are often incorporated into the filling to create a more balanced meal. The grilling process allows the cheese to melt and transforms bulz into an incredibly satisfying dish. It is believed that bulz was initially prepared by the Romanian shepherds, who were the first to use an open fire in order to grill these flavorful balls.

Nasi kandar classic Malaysian dish combines steamed rice and an assortment of different curries, sides, and condiments. The rice is occasionally seasoned, and the choice of curries includes various combinations of vegetables, meat, or seafood. Traditionally associated with Penang, the dish was initially developed among the Indian community who brought their culinary traditions to Malaysia.

They used to sell and transport the dish using traditional kandar bamboo sticks, eventually giving the dish its current name. Nowadays, nasi kandar is usually prepared and sold at hawker centers across the country and is traditionally enjoyed as a nutritious, warm breakfast.

Omeletta consists of fried potatoes, eggs, and vegetables such as bell peppers. The combination of these ingredients is baked on both sides until the dish is ready for consumption. It is recommended to serve omeletta with sausages, lemon wedges, and a salad on the side.

Big pao is a variety of baozi, the famous Chinese steamed buns. Consisting of a soft delicate bun and a delicious savory filling, they are similar to other steamed bun types, but are usually larger in size. The pastry is made with yeasted dough, which develops a tender, springy texture when steamed.

The filling is usually a delicious mixture of minced meat, mainly pork or chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and green onions, all doused in a fragrant sauce infused with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. Some versions might include Chinese sausage, while quarters of hard-boiled eggs are a welcome addition, usually positioned inside or on top of the meat filling.

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